6 Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online

Online shopping can be a little blinding. While it’s possible to bargain with a vendor at the local store, it is impossible to do that online. Some people find themselves at a loss when it comes to saving money when shopping online. Of course, safety first and there are the basics that everyone should know, such as the need to keep your device and banking information safe.  Finding an easy VPN to use is one that comes to mind as it not only allows you to hide your IP and traffic in an encrypted network tunnel.   

1 . Discount codes

One of the most accessible and common way of saving money while online shopping, is discount codes. These are codes offered by sponsors, marketers and retailers that shave off a certain percentage or amount of your final price during checkout. Include the keyword ‘discount codes’ with the name of the online store in a Google Search to get these discounts. Discount sites such as FatWallet and RetailMeNot, compile a list of discount codes for various online stores.

2. Add and leave items in the cart

While this trick doesn’t work in all stores, it does no harm to try. When you add items to the cart and leave them for a day or two, the retailer will try to get you to complete the purchase by offering you a discount. Leaving the items in the cart is a show of indecision and the discounts are the retailer’s way of influencing your decision.

3. Use rebate sites

Instead of making your purchases directly from the retailer, you should instead use rebate sites such as rebates and ebates. When you make purchases through the rebate site, they are paid a commission which they then share with you. The amount you get depends on the site and their cashback system. Some offer a fixed amount per purchase while others offer a percentage of the purchase price. This doubles as one of the ways to make money online.

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4. Price comparisons

Before making any purchase, you should first run a Google Search to compare the prices on the item. Due to competition, retailers offer different rates for items. By comparing the prices, you can make a purchase at an online store with the lowest price and save money.  And if did set up a VPN, you can also use it to circumvent geo-blocking and potentially find cheaper options only available to shoppers from a certain locale.

5. Get the timing right

Online shopping prices are influenced significantly by seasons. For instance, retailers offer reduced prices on items when bringing new items in preparation for winter holiday celebrations. Therefore, the ideal time to make a purchase would be before the start of the season. Similarly, stores tend to offer high discounts to commemorate anniversaries and other holidays as in the case of Black Friday. The correct timing could help you save a lot of money from online shopping.

6. Subscribe to mailing lists

Retailers often send alerts to their subscribers to notify them of discounts and offers. By subscribing to the mailing lists of these retailers, you place yourself in a position to find out about such discounts and offers early. Sometimes, they even offer you discount codes for your loyalty. In the short term, you might also get discounts just by subscribing to the mailing list.


Saving money from online shopping is a lot about patience. There is a significant amount of research involved but the results are well worth it. Price comparisons, discount codes, rebate sites and the other tips listed in this article are a few of the many ways you can save money online.