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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Areas that nonprofits should invest in today

As a crowdfunding India platform, we at Impact Guru have hosted several campaigns that have helped us get a deeper understanding of how nonprofits function. When you take steps towards championing a cause that is close to your heart, you need to ensure that your nonprofit functions similar to that of a business setup. After all, every social entrepreneur or …

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Best Designer Shoes On Sale: Just For Powering Up Your Style

You have invested a lot of money on clothes and those look great on you. Even the matching jewelry and the fine makeup are contouring your face pretty well. But, things seem a pretty odd when you don’t have shoes on. If you don’t have designer shoes, then your entire look remains incomplete. You want to take your style up …

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Buy best women accessories online

Fashion is the thirst of most of the people in the present generation. People always prefer for latest trends whenever they go for shopping, doesn’t matter whether online or offline shopping. They always demand for the best and latest trends. The people who are fashion freaks can go online and explore the latest and best option for them. You will …

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Eyeglasses Define You in Some Ways You Would Never Expect

I don’t know about the majority of people, but I can never find a pair of  perfectly fitting eyeglass frames that fit my face while looking great at the same time.  I almost dread going shopping for them when the time comes. For many people like myself, how a pair of designer or hi end glasses look on our face …

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