If You Need Some Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas Look No Further

Looking for additional gift ideas for someone turning 30 this year? Here are some super 30th birthday ideas for that special someone on your gift list.

Top 5 30th Birthday Ideas for Her :

Easy and Simple Exercise Equipment Yoga, Pilates and other alternative exercises are often overlooked as a super efficient way to get in shape. A new Yoga outfit, mat and exercise videos or gift certificate for local classes make a great 30th birthday present idea.

Wine Sommelier Course: An interest in wine or simply an interest in not being intimidated by wine is a perfect lead in for a Sommelier class. Your lucky recipient will learn all there is to know about fine wine and proper food pairings. Best of all you’ll get to enjoy what she learns the next time you are sharing gossip over your favorite vintage.

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Sports Class or Team Signup Girls like sports too. It can be invigorating to learn a new sport, whether individual or team. Tennis, rollerblading, skiing (downhill or cross country), and ice skating make for superb new learning opportunities. Find a local venue and purchase some lessons for your special birthday girl. Volleyball or softball are great team sports for woman in their 30s. Sign up for learning a new sport together, it makes a great gift and makes an even better friendship.

Dinner Certificate A special dinner outing to a special restaurant for you and your guest, or a certificate for dinner for your guest and perhaps her significant other, is always a welcomed treat.

Personalized Jewelry A personalized gift always shows a lot of thought and effort went into choosing a gift. A special pendant or charm bracelet will be much appreciated and your recipient will think of you each time she wears it.

Top 5 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him:

Specialized At Home Exercise Equipment: At-home exercise is easier to squeeze into a busy routine, when it focuses on a particular body area like building core or arm strength. Small weights or simple to use exercise bands that can be used while watching TV, can encourage shortened workouts that are highly efficient. A new exercise outfit that can dual purpose as lounge wear makes a great complement to this gift.

Professional Sports Fantasy Camps: This is an indulgent and pricey present, but certainly a present that will be remembered for a lifetime. Certain professional and major league sports teams run one week fantasy camps for fans over the age of 30. These camps offer the fan the opportunity to dress in an official uniform and play with former professional players. Check out the official website of the professional sports team to see when camps are offered and for specific pricing information.

Adventures to Places of Interest: Special outings can include a special hiking trip to visit a national park, a visit to a favorite museum or an excursion to enjoy scenery and practice photography concepts You know your friend or relative best, so give thought to his special interests and tailor a trip around that subject for an excursion to remember.

Sharpen a Skill or Particular Interest: What special skills or interests does he enjoy? Photography? Music? Art? The great outdoors? Sports? Home Improvements? Whatever the interest, there are a variety of workshops and experiences geared toward honing these skills and learning more. Think about the one nearest and dearest to his heart and schedule a class or workshop that will focus on a particular area in which he wants to learn more.

Deep Tissue Massage at the Spa All this attention to health, wellness and sports excursions can give a man sore muscles and need to relax. Schedule some spa time for a deep tissue massage to ease those sore, aching muscles. This makes a great joint gift if you recipient has never been to the spa before, it gives you an excuse to go along and show him the ropes.