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10 Trendy and Hip Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas for Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair is very flattering and has always been a popular shade. Sure blonde hair is sexy, but light brown hair can be just as stunning, if not more so. And there are so many possibilities for pretty hair colors and styles! ¬†Honey brown hair color has become quite popular recently. When you think of honey brown hair you …

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Be a sophisticated man without changing yourself!

Being sophisticated does not mean following blindly to the new trends, but you have something new or unique that allows people to know you and create an interest in you. What you wear or how you talk matters a lot, talking about everything and explaining in one word, be a sophisticated man means you have a unique lifestyle that influence …

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The History of Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is an American clothing brand that was founded in Knoxville in 1959. The company specialises in Military style outerwear, bringing a unique take on fashion through bomber jackets, parkas, flight jackets and even leather jackets. Initially the company was set up using military contractors and it is from here that they have grown a firm foundation. Alpha Industries …

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Rubbish Removal Experts Say There’s a Gender Gap In Clothes Recycling

The used clothing market is red hot right now but not every UK citizen seems to know that! In a research study commissioned by Sainsbury, it was found that a whopping 235 million clothing items would be sent straight to the landfill during spring cleaning! Moreover, each individual persona bins an average of nineteen items! This is such a missed …

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Look Sexy And Naughty With The Best Lingerie Set Of All Time

Lingerie has its own beauty and value. The person who wears it will feel the sexiness running around her body. It is the perfect beauty with fabric at its best, which can easily add more beauty to your body. So, the next time you are planning for a romantic night time with your partner, you know just the right thing …

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