Areas that nonprofits should invest in today

As a crowdfunding India platform, we at Impact Guru have hosted several campaigns that have helped us get a deeper understanding of how nonprofits function. When you take steps towards championing a cause that is close to your heart, you need to ensure that your nonprofit functions similar to that of a business setup. After all, every social entrepreneur or a nonprofit founder does require the essential business skills to operate effectively and efficiently.

In order to achieve your social goals, there are a few key areas to focus your energies on:

A business plan

It is imperative to have a business plan that highlights your long-term, as well as short-terms goals. Online fundraising activities too, can be determined by these goals. Set achievable and realistic goals. The business plan should also cover how you plan to achieve these goals with the resources you already have. Every few months you can look back to your business plan and see how far you’ve come, the progress you’ve made, and the areas you need to dedicate more time to.

A crowdfunding platform

Today crowdfunding is emerging as the most practical financial solution for nonprofits. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a huge investment for a nonprofit, because many crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru offre free fundraising services barring a minimal platform and payment gateway fee. The funds you could raise from one campaign would far outweigh the investment for it.

Building the right team

The perfect team of personnel to run your nonprofit should include leaders, admin staff, communications executives, legal and financial managers, and full time/part time employees or volunteers. Every member of the team should have the same drive and passion for philanthropy. It’s up to the leader to keep the team motivated and focused on achieving the organisation’s social goals.


Communications on behalf of your organisation that are put out to the masses can make or break the success of your initiative. Especially with nonprofits looking to raise funds through a crowdfunding India campaign, communications need to be effective. Each cause will have a different target audience. Once you find the right one for you, you must analyse their interests, their history with philanthropy, donating patterns, and plan your activities accordingly. Communication activities should ideally be a mix of public relations, social media, on-ground activities.


Supporters are people/groups that already care about your cause, and have already contributed to furthering it. As nonprofit, you need to ensure that you display value for these supporters for their help. You can do so by sending a personalized thank you message or token of appreciation, shoutouts on social media, invites to events, merchandize etc. Such acts of gratitude are necessary to maintain long-term relationships for the future benefit of your nonprofit.

If you have these aspects ticked of your checklist when you start your fundraiser, success and social good is inevitable. So get started on Impact Guru today!