10 Trendy and Hip Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas for Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair is very flattering and has always been a popular shade. Sure blonde hair is sexy, but light brown hair can be just as stunning, if not more so. And there are so many possibilities for pretty hair colors and styles!

 Honey brown hair color has become quite popular recently. When you think of honey brown hair you might think of that there is just simply one shade. However, there are so many stunning hues and shades of honey brown that you will be sure to find one to tickle your fancy.

We have gathered 10 gorgeous color ideas for honey brown hues that are trending this season. Have fun pinning your favorites to show your stylist for your fresh new look! We are happy to help you find a way to liven up your dark or light brown hair!

10 Trendy and Chic Honey Brown Hair Color Shades for Light Brown Hair

  1. Dark to Honey Brown Ombre Fade


This eye-catching dark to light honey brown fade is so pretty. Start with a dark shade of brown such as dark oakwood brown and then gradually fade to a bright honey blonde for a two toned effect that will add a ton of dimension to your tresses. Your hair will look like its literally dripping golden honey highlights with this gorgeous ombre melt!

  1. Honey and Chocolate Brown Hues


If you have dark brunette hair and wish to lighten it up just a bit, you can start with a chocolate brown base and add chunky honey blonde highlights throughout. This stunning contrast adds a multi tonal effect to your hair for a look that’s sophisticated and chic.

  1. Burgundy and Honey Brown Melt


If you want to liven up your locks with a bold burst of color this burgundy to strawberry blonde to honey blonde ombre fade is absolutely mesmerising. The vivid gradient of color is so lovely, especially on really long hair. Bonus points if you have naturally wavy hair for added bounce and movement.

  1. Coffee with Honey Brown Highlights


This rich coffee brown is so pretty but the honey brown and buttery blonde highlights give make the perfect trifecta of warm tones for fun and flirty new look.

  1. Honey Brown and Fiery Copper Balayage


Here is another look for those who aren’t afraid to go bold! The coppery base roots and honey blonde highlights add depth to your hair for a fiery explosion of color that will be sure to brighten even the dreariest of days! This look is especially stunning on long layered locks to add more texture to your tresses.

  1. Honey and Butterscotch Wavy Locks


This sensational balayage combo is positively breathtaking. The blend of rich butterscotch and golden honey blonde hues is soft and romantic for a look that’s feminine and chic. The beachy waves give this look a mysterious and playful vibe.

  1. Caramel and Honey Brown Swirls


Ombre hairstyles don’t always have to be dramatic. This subtle fade from dark brown to silky caramel brown to honey blonde is very classy for those who want a more refined look. You can easily add sheen to your locks with a gradual melt of color for a look that’s elegant and understated.

  1. Honey and Ash Brown Hues


This beautiful blend of ashy brown and honey blonde tones is great for those with shorter hair as it adds a lot of shine to your locks. However, it looks just as stunning on those with longer locks.

  1. Yellow and Honey Blonde Ombre


If you want a look that’s a bit edgy, this pale maize yellow color is very vibrant. Start with a chocolate brown base and then add some honey hues throughout. Ask your stylist to color the ends a vivid yellow for a look that’s bold and beautiful!

  1. Honey Brown with Rose Gold Undertones


For those who really want to lighten up their locks, this honey blonde base will certainly add shine to your hair. But what really give life to this style are the pink and rose gold undertones for a gorgeous finish to give it a sexy, shimmery effect that will draw all eyes to you!

We hope our selection of honey brown hair color ideas will inspire you to try one of the honey and light brown hair looks for a sexy new you! Remember to use only those hair products that have been designed for color treated hair to help maintain these pretty burst of color.  Wash your hair less frequently and use dry shampoos and leave in conditioners between shampoos to keep your locks hydrated and healthy.