Tips to Wear Your Athleisure to Work

Athleisure is the current fashion trend and it helps show off body fitness. It is a combination of sportswear and leisurewear that you can wear in non-athletic settings. Since these styles can be worn anytime, anywhere, it becomes increasingly popular and many popular brands are becoming aware of this trend and focus on designing these styles.

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If you are reluctant to give up on your comfy lifestyle when you are required to go to work, athleisure wears are the best alternative to compromise. But there are some tricks and rules to make it work.

  • Choose neutral or dark shades over bright ones.
  • Choose athleisure wear that is not too loose or too tight.


Wearing sweatshirts to work is now the cool trend but you have to choose one that looks more like a blouse rather than gym cozy. Choose the right colors for work and pair it up with a pencil skirt or high-waisted pants. You will get that chic look with heels and a coat.


If you want to wear leggings to work, choose black or deep solid colors and pair it up with a long blazer or sweatshirts, or button-down shirts. You can wear heels but sneakers or flats go well with leggings.


T-shirts give out an effortless vibe and they make a perfect, smart outfit to work when you pair them with high-waisted pants.

Tracksuit Pieces

Instead of boring blazers and leather jackets, try tracksuit jackets. Trackpants also work great when you style them creatively. Choose styles with stripes, zippers, and pair them with heels for the best look.