Tips for outfitting your staff with uniforms for dirty jobs  

Getting the right uniforms for your employees who do the dirty work can be a little tricky. Given the nature of their tasks, they are likely to get very dirty during work. Utilizing old or worn out pieces of clothing is not an option because you have to maintain the company’s image. In certain occupations such as garbage collection, automotive repair and maintenance among others, the workers are likely to get dirty. Although customers would not mind seeing the workers with a few stains, it is important to maintain a professional image. Here are Phoenix Uniforms tips on making smart choices when buying uniforms for this type of jobs.

Ensure that the uniform is well-fitting 

The uniforms for these labor-intensive jobs should not be loose. In addition to making the employee look sloppy, a loose uniform places the employee at a risk of getting caught in the moving parts or jagged edges. In addition, it limits movement as it gets in the way as one goes about business. With the great variety of uniforms available, select the uniform that looks stylish, is comfortable and safe for the work they are doing.

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Get the right fabrics 

The right fabric ensures that the uniform is durable. You may consider ring-spun fibers as they ensure that the clothing is soft and light to wear and keep the uniform in shape which maintains your professional look. Moisture wicking fabric such as the one used in sporting activities is also great as it helps keep the employees dry despite a lot of perspiration when doing their work.

Furthermore, ensure that your choice of fabric is one that makes it easy to get rid of stains especially oils and greases. This way, too much time will not be wasted cleaning off stubborn stains.

Insulation should also be considered 

If at some point the workers will be working in the cold outdoors, consider layered uniforms. The layering such as in the case of thermal-insulated coveralls prevents the body from losing its core heat and thus effectively preventing related illnesses from the cold.

Do you buy or rent 

There are several uniform rental companies in the market. They may come in handy when you are low on cash and need to get started with the business or when you need to add temporary labor to complete a given task. In addition, rental companies ensure that the uniforms are clean every day.

Buying Phoenix uniforms enables you to customize the uniform as per your company standards and corporate identity. The employees also have the liberty to take care of the uniform themselves hence reducing the cost of hiring and laundering.