Specific things to remember while ordering custom tees

Buying a custom tees from the online store is a very easy task for the individuals, but still, there are certain basics to be remembered to avoid any kind of hassle during the ordering of the product. Many of the people make up the mistake of avoiding them, which puts them in the unpleasant situation, and this requires the guidance of any kind of expert. If you are willing to buy custom tees from the dig printing Santa Clara service, then you are suggested to have a focus on some of the points mentioned below.

  1. You must keep one thing in mind that the price of printing mentioned by them is just for the one print on the t-shirt, and if you want something extra like more than more print on a single t-shirt, then you should surely clear about this fact with them. This will not make you feel disappointed after the purchase everything will be cleared in advance.
  2. Once you get in touch with the dig printing Santa Clara, they will send you a quote on which you have to make any kind of changes if you feel to do so. One thing you should keep in your mind is that you should include the design notes with your order details before making a checkout. This is because once the order is checked out, you will not be able to make any changes as they will start processing your order.
  3. No matters if you just want to place a small text on order, you should feel free to mention about it; they will try their best to place that text on your tees. Their main aim is to offer maximum satisfaction to their esteemed clients. But you have t provide them this detail in the seller section before making a payment, and they will surely do this for you. Once the order is placed, the invoice with mock will be sent to you for the final approval.
  4. Many of the people make a mistake of sending them an image in the pdf format or any other format which is not compatible with their printer, so it is your responsibility to provide the image in the JPD, GIF, PNG format. This will save you lots of time as they will quickly start working on your order if the image is provided to them in this format. Do not forget to include your reference number along with the images that you are mailing to them.

If they will have any kind of confusion or doubt regarding your order, then you will get mail from dig printing Santa Clara site, which will include all those details. So you should be attentive and check your mail regularly so that the order there should not be any kind of hindrance in the processing of your order. It will be your duty to respond to them in a timely manner; otherwise, you might have to face a delay in your order.