How to file the nails

Having long and healthy nails is the desire of many girls; however, this is not always possible. And is that sometimes due to harmful habits, poor diet, and the type of work or the excessive use of enamels or products of poor quality, keeping your nails healthy and beautiful can really become a titanic task. To achieve this and show a manicure always impeccable, in addition to solving all the bad habits that influence the image of the nails, it is possible to resort to some effective natural products with regenerating and moisturizing properties. Check more at

If you are tired of those short and weak nails, in this article we explain how to grow your nails with home remedies, whose ingredients are as simple as garlic, lemon or milk. Especially for women, nails are very important for their aesthetics and why not, to be fashionable. However, many have the same problem: they do not grow enough or when they do, they are weak and break at first contact. In the following article, you will learn much more about the care of the nails so that they always look beautiful.

Why are nails ruined?

To be able to attack a problem, it is first good to know the cause of its appearance. In the case of nails, there are some habits to activities that can damage them and prevent them from growing healthy and strong. Some of the reasons why your nails may not grow as you would like are:

  • Bite them
  • Use detergents or cleaning products without gloves
  • Open bottles or caps with them
  • A diet poor in vitamins
  • Do yard tasks without gloves
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Do not let them “breathe” (that is, have them painted all the time)
  • Infections like fungi
  • Do not consume minerals

If you cannot stay in a warm environment all day, when you go out on the street, on a public transport or in an unheated place, use gloves to keep your hands warm. Thus the blood flow will increase and stimulate growth. Apply a layer of nutritious enamel or nail hardener once a week. If you want to grow faster, repeat for fifteen days, once a night.

Do your manicure regularly (you can do it yourself, ask a friend or go to a professional). So you can enjoy several treatments usually. Always file the nails in the same direction so that the tips do not weaken or break more easily. If you “hook” with anything, always carry a file in your purse or purse to fix it instantly, preventing it from continuing to break and hurt. Do not abuse nail polish, because they have ingredients for nothing good for nails. Also, if you use them a lot, they will start to look yellow and weaker. It is best to paint once a week and when the enamel is removed (preferably not with acetone), allow 48 hours to pass before painting them again. Log in at