Favorite Sweater tracks get a winter dimension


What do you need to enjoy the holidays with a background of winter weather? A home with a Christmas atmosphere, a little wine and the warmth offered by its loved ones. And all of this, ideally, wrapped in a large, warm sweater. For as many decades as we can, as long as we get to the top of the trend, in the winter – all the time – we will open our wardrobe and return to our favorite sweaters. Those that, wearing them, feel like someone have taken us a warm embrace.

In the winter, anyway, our favorite tracks get a winter dimension.  Our jacket, our stribede kjoler and even booties are lined with fleece or fur coats to warm us up and give our everyday warmth and the home sense that we need.

We, are having thoroughly analyzed the trends of this winter with our girlfriends, and we ended up that we have loved a very specific piece. The warm, woolen, but in their oversized version, sweaters. Why; obviously, because it is the definition of comfort. Then because they can be worn in dozens of different ways and show off a look with a fresh way and based on street style chic.

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You can wear it over your favorite pair of jeans, with boots, with a tights and over the knee boots, even over pleated skirts, and if you keep it (washing it at the right temperature, etc.) it can become a timeless piece of the daily your style. Meanwhile, wearing such a sweater, you get rid of the need for a thick jacket . You can just wear a leather  and you’re fine.

How we wear a sweater

We wear it and most of the time we do not follow any stylistic rule. It is stylish by itself.

We combine it with a pair of pants and we create a simple and great outfit. Wearing a sweater we can make countless combinations that can seduce us.

Fashion desires comfort and an oversized sweater can become a piece that you do not want to be separated from.

Pullovers with jean or pencil pants, with a mini skirt, which can be leather or not and over the knee boots, through a dress or salpet, over a slip dress are a perfect combination. A sweater in intense color, like green or red or even a yellow one, can make your appearance very special, upgrading it. It is worth noting that the ultimate it girl, Olivia Palermo who always stands out with her appearances and knows from finesse and elegance she appeared in many fashion shows wearing sweaters. And that says a lot. So, do dare to wear your favorite sweater.

Sweaters  can also be worn  in formal appearances.

 You can wear your black sweater with black, narrow pants.  It is a classy and convenient combination.

Oversized sweaters; A highly sexy combination can be done with schooligrl skirt and fashionable sneakers.

Wear your long sweater with suede boots. If your oversized sweater reaches your knees, you can wear it with your boots and your leather jacket and you are done.

Wear your sweater with a blazer. It is an absolute and serious combination.

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Sweater on sweater! You can also wear the wool sweater with a woolen jacket.

Combine your sweater with slip dress. It is one of the sexiest sweater combinations with high heels.

Put your pullover under your dress. When you try this outfit, you are going to look like a post graduate student in a fashionable way.

Wear your sweater with a midi skirt. This combination is preferable in a work office.

Put on your sweater with black shorts. If you want to look elegant and warm too, you should try this outfit.