What DJs Should Do During Low-Demand Times

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Low-demand times, such as now, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, are good opportunity for Indian Wedding DJs to learn some new techniques and DJing tricks. They have more spare time to make improvements on their skills which will result in them being much more marketable.

If you have some extra down time, here are some things that you should do to take advantage of it:

Create More Vocal Samples- an Asian Wedding DJ should create his or her own original vocal samples. They can sing or ask a singer when making vocal samples. With DJ software, DJs can use samples with just the push of a button. DJs can also add effects to vocal samples and loop them.

Learn DJing Without A Laptop- a new Asian DJ might still rely on laptops in their performance. In reality, they could survive fine without a laptop. It’s time for DJs to challenge themselves and this could be a new skill that make them more versatile. Some events ban the use of laptops and this prohibits less experienced DJ’s, because they don’t have knowledge in original DJ techniques. Any DJ should know how to use analogue mixers and turntables. When laptop or other digital equipment fails, DJs still have something to fall back on.

Learn To Use A MIDI Controller- DJs can get a low-cost MIDI controller and do some basic trigger mapping. With computer software, they can set variables. It means, an action could happen only in certain situations. With this simple technology, an Indian Wedding DJ can be more creative in an effective and simple way.

Learn From Other DJs- the DJ community is collaborative, helpful, and friendly. Indian Wedding DJs should find opportunities to discuss about techniques and tricks. They can share tips and learn from one another.

Experiment With Different Music Genres- it’s a good thing for a Bhangra DJ London to stay consistent and stick to a music genre. However, they can improve their mixing abilities by experimenting with new genres. It’s time for them to jump out of their comfort zone and explore different styles. As an example, House DJs can experiment with Drum & Bass, which has faster tempo. It will be a challenge for DJs to incorporate bass lines and percussion.

Disable Sync- modern hardware allows DJs to sync tracks by just pressing buttons. Synced tracks help DJs to perform better However, syncing doesn’t always work well and sometimes, it fails. New DJs should disable syncing and learn to beat-match. It can be a challenge to beat-match multiple tracks without syncing. DJs can start practicing with a couple of tracks, trust their instincts and use their ears.

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