Wedding Proposal Ideas If You’re Planning To Pop The Question This Christmas

It’s Christmas season, and ‘tis the time to spread your warm love to the people around you. If you’ve been seeing and dating someone for quite some time now, perhaps, ‘tis also the season to be engaged!

If you want to take advantage of the season’s jovial ambiance to propose, surprise your partner with romantic engagement ornaments, and hopefully hear their sweet yes — we’ve gathered awesome and adorable proposal ideas to help you out.

Important Tips

Before running down proposal ideas, we’re presenting to you first some important tips:

Buy the ring ahead of the holiday rush. You might not want to stress yourself and add the burden of buying the ring on top of other holiday-related concerns.

Enlist help. Gather your partner’s closest family or friends and let them help you decide on which engagement ornaments to use and pull off the most romantic proposal.

Make things personal. Think of the things that you both love or consider sentimental. Incorporate these elements on your plan to make sure you can send your partner’s heart aflutter.

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Don’t have a plan yet on how to pop the question? Read on and get inspiration from these proposal ideas that we’ve compiled!

Say it via a Christmas card

Write a heart-tugging poem or a short-but-sweet message of love and ask the “will you marry me question” after she reads your card. Or you can also directly write out the question on the card and slip the ring inside it.

Make use of the Christmas tree

Be creative and utilize your Christmas tree to propose to your partner. You can hide the ring under the tree, put it on top of the star, or wrap around letter cutouts spelling out your proposal question.

Propose using holiday lights

If you want to bedazzle your special someone using sparkly holiday lights, you can also use these Christmas installation to spell out what you want to ask that one important question to your partner.

Give your partner a special Christmas cake

You can surprise your partner with a customized Christmas cake with an icing message stating your proposal, or have the ring hidden somewhere beneath the cake.

Winter Wonderland with a romantic twist

Take advantage of the snow and write your proposal message on it and have it read by the apple of your eye. If your partner loves Mr. Snowman, you can use it as props by hanging your engagement ring from its nose.

Surprise your partner during the Christmas games

Enlist your family and friends as accomplices and use holiday games like charade or Pictionary to pop the question to your partner.

Make your partner wonder with a series of gifts

If you want to make your loved one wonder what you’re up to, you can stage your proposal by using a series of gifts. You can do a 12 Days of Christmas-themed proposal, or you can surprise your partner by placing the ring in a box within a box, within a box, within a box.

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