There Is Increasing Demand for Cannabis Products With High Levels Of CBD

It is important for consumers to know more about the nutritional advantages and the possible medical benefits of using cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD. A lot of companies as well as retailers are beginning to offer more products with higher CBD levels. In the illegal marijuana black market, there’s been steady demand for many decades for pot that contains higher THC levels, which is the compound in cannabis responsible for the high. This is in response to the demand for pot by pot smokers who are looking for the biggest high their money can get them. A lot of older pot smokers, have stated that today’s pot is a lot stronger than it used to be in the 1960’s.  However, with better understanding of the benefits of CBD, a lot of people would rather have a good balance of both CBD and THC.

Therefore, the levels of CBD in marijuana products are beginning to increase because the public is becoming more aware of the benefits of the CBD compound. For instance, in Washington State, though the sale of cannabis product containing high CBD levels, only make up a small portion of the state’s current retail pot market, but that sector has however recorded a significant increase within the last 12 months. And the growth is not just restricted to marijuana recreational products. Majority of these products derived from CBD oil, are non-physchoactive, which means they contain little or no THC. This means that people cannot get high from the best brands of CBD oil made from industrial hemp. Producers of CBD products with higher cannabis levels are gradually expanding into different niches like concentrates, pens, tinctures, capsules, edibles, and topicals. In the Washington market, mints with high levels of CBD are currently ranked as the eight-most common segment, boasting sales that make up 5{1f2fae27612ea6936c4306b53e0b08ad4cc19c188da0e48a8fa7b30ac91ed0d1} of the entire CBD market for 2016.

According to research from the industry, women are responsible for about 32{1f2fae27612ea6936c4306b53e0b08ad4cc19c188da0e48a8fa7b30ac91ed0d1} of Washington cannabis sales, and 38{1f2fae27612ea6936c4306b53e0b08ad4cc19c188da0e48a8fa7b30ac91ed0d1} of high-CBD sales. However, THC products still possess a high advantage over high CBD products in the market for recreational weed see here

The market for CBD oil is faced with a lot of chaotic laws and regulations. These products have a huge market outside the states where pot has been legalized for recreational purposes. A lot of the well-known CBD oil companies manage to ship their products to every state in America. Some companies face banking challenges like credit card processing problems. While some other companies are faced with controversies about the origin of the CBD oil. Some companies try to source for cannabis from states that have legalized it, while a lot of companies travel to Europe for industrial Indian hemp. Some other companies have suppliers in China. This means that consumers who want good quality products must be diligent so they can identify authentic products.