The Essential Choices for the Effective Protection From Sun

More than ever controversial for their effects on our health and the planet, sun creams are no longer on the rise. Are we doomed to burn? What nay. Sun protection is not just about cream. Here are 8 tips for using less sunscreen while protecting your skin. Through the kem chống nắng hàn quốc this is the best deal now.

In conventional cosmetics, some sunscreens are accused of being endocrine disruptors. They would disrupt the functioning of our hormones, which can exacerbate imbalances in genetically predisposed people. Some filters are also very polluting. They dirty rivers and oceans and contribute in particular to the disappearance of the coral barriers. In organic too, sunscreens are questioned.

  • Last year, tests were conducted by a consumer association cast doubt on the effectiveness of some organic solar formulations. Moreover, no one really knows the long-term cumulative effect on the health of some mineral filters, when they are nano-sized (nanoparticles).
  • In short, there is no ideal sunscreen. They all have their defects and potential dangers. This is why we can choose to avoid using it systematically and opt for the following alternatives.
  1. Prepare your skin

Ideally, at least three weeks before the summer, it is advisable to prepare one’s skin. Urucum is a very popular plant for preparing skin for the sun. It also gives a very nice natural tan. It is therefore ideal before sun exposure. Once exposed to the sun, strengthen your inner defenses with Astaxanthin, the red pigment that colors salmon and flamingos. It is an exceptionally powerful antioxidant, unparalleled to help protect skin from sun-induced damage.

  1. Choose time

In summer, the days stretch languidly. This is why we must first choose the time we will expose ourselves, and plan our days accordingly. In practice, this often means not going out at certain times.

If you expose yourself between noon and 4 pm, in a heat wave, in a place with reverberation (like the beach or the water) and you hope to have no impact on your skin, you are simply in denial, or misinformed. This sun on the face makes you age prematurely, can give patches of pigment, promote the arrival of acne in the fall, thicken the stratum corneum and enlarge the pores, slow healing, give a “mustache”, if you are under pill, and a “pregnancy mask” for pregnant women.

  1. Take a nap

Between noon and 4 pm we are bludgeoned by B-rays (UVB). They are the ones who burn. Excess UVB is very bad for the skin. This situation must be avoided at all costs, especially in children. So, what do we do? We take a nap if it’s possible, and we do not go out before 4 pm, or even later! Mediterranean idleness is anchored in ancestral wisdom. A cool afternoon, inside the houses, is precious for the skin which finally rest and repairs itself.

  1. Save your face

Here you are in the sun, after 4 pm. Remember to keep your face in the shade. The face is exposed year-round to A-rays (UVA), those that age the skin prematurely. That’s why you should treat your face differently from the body. The face is much more fragile, and its skin is more solicited all year.