The Best Canon Cameras in Dubai

Gone are the times when only professional photographers used to own cameras. Now, almost everyone whether owns or wishes to own a good quality camera. But choosing a perfect camera might be a more difficult task than you can imagine. You not only need to know various nuances and technical terms to find a perfect camera but also need to know which brand manufactures the best cameras. You also need to make sure that the camera not only fits in your budget but also ticks in your required features list.

Due to these reasons, Canon Cameras are one of the most bought cameras around the globe. These cameras have a wide range of models and features at the best prices possible. These cameras become even more desirable so when you can get the best canon camera price in Dubai. Following are some of the models you may consider buying:

  • Canon SX620 Powershot HS Digital Camera: This camera has 20.2 MP ½.3’ CMOS censor that produces high-resolution images. It also has a top shooting rate of 7.1 fps. It has the features to create Canon’s HS SYSTEM, producing very clear and crisp images with minimal noise even in dimly-lit areas. It also has a lot of other features like 25 times zoom, IS correction for a wide range of camera based movements, dynamic video recording, built in Wi-Fi, etc. It also has additional features for usage with a camera tripod.
  • Canon IXUS 177 20.0 MP Digital Camera: With 32 auto scene modes, the camera is very easy to use and click quality pictures. The camera has been designed keeping in mind ergonomics because it is just 22.1 mm deep, thus, easy to carry around. This camera can shoot even in very dim lit rooms and surroundings very impressively with its 20 MP (100-1600 ISO) sensor, bright flash and image stabilization technique. It also the capacity to zoom up to 16 times. The added advantage is that it can take up to 300 shots after a single full charge. For those who can’t wait to get their hands on a good camera and explore their inner photographer, this camera is a perfect choice.

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