Smart Solutions for the Use of Sound in the Car

The first function of the processor is the limiter, which allows control of the maximum signal amplitude, avoiding sound distortion, also known as “square wave”. If the system has a height limit, for example, so that the audio signal is not distorted and does not crack, the limiter determines the maximum amplitude of the sound signal, avoiding distortion and maintaining system integrity. The use of the subwoofer box is essential there.

The Choices for You

The second function of the processor is delay, which, as the translation indicates, is intended to delay the propagation of the audio signal. This delay serves and is needed to match the audio generating sources, speakers, horns and tweeter.

An example is when the speaker sounds:

There is a speed of propagation of the sound at which the emitted signal takes some time to reach the ear and be assimilated. Although it sounds instantaneous, the sound takes a long time to come out – the time it comes out of the mouth and to actually be assimilated by the ear. It’s like thunder: depending on how far it is from a city it can take even longer to hear.

The same goes for car sounds. When installed, the car stereo speaker may be farther than the horn, and theoretically this causes one signal to arrive before the other. Therefore, at the moment the audio plays, the sound may not be of the expected quality. Therefore, it is necessary to equalize the sounds, delaying the propagation of the sound of the speaker, which will then generate the music at the same time as the orn.

Noise Filter

This filter serves to remove noise that impairs the emission of audios. It serves to eliminate noise on the audio line, which is generated due to the difference between the car ground and the audio system ground.

If the grounding of the car is not perfect, it will certainly generate emission difference in the internally installed sound equipment.

Steering wheel control

It is a steering wheel mounted control to drive the main functions of automotive sound . For cars that do not come with this feature, it is possible to install the equipment to control the main features of the radio, even with your hand on the steering wheel while driving. This will provide greater security for the driver who is focused on traffic but still wants to hear a song or even the news of the day.

Steering wheel controls have a discrete membrane that makes installation possible without taking the originality off the steering wheel. They have a switch where two coding modes can be applied. Memory mode is one where you can encode the main models on the market. The learn mode, however, is one that can assimilate and copy the functions of the original radio control.