Outdoor Playthings: Efficient Guide You Must Follow

Playing out is the best exercise for children. It offers them fresh air full of oxygen, life-giving sunlight and company of nature. However, while playing outdoors with various playthings, they also face a certain amount of risk against which you should protect them. Here are some useful safety tips to follow while playing out with various toys.

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Swings are great for children because they love the swinging movements perhaps the most of all. Swings come as individual toys or are often featured when you purchase child play sets from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, for example. While playing on swings, kids may fall into danger. Here are tips to minimise the risk.

  • The ropesshould be protected at fixing points against wear.
  • Seats should absorb impact properly.
  • Swing ropes should not be crossing in the middle.
  • ‘S hook’ fixings on swings should be closed or able to be closed.
  • When you set up the swing, ensure the ground clearance around it is minimum 200mm, so that in case of a jump or fall, the child won’t crash into some other object and get hurt.


Slides are highly popular among kids because of the speed with which they can slide down. With slides kids also get the exercise of climbing up. Here are safety tips for slides.

  • Make sure that the slides have sides that are at least 64mm high.
  • There should be hand grips and guard sections at the top of the slide. They will help prevent falls.
  • The ladders and steps of slide should be securely fixed, so there won’t be any accidents when children get onto the slide.

Imge Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are highly beneficial for children because apart from giving kids a good exercise, they also develop various social and motor skills in them. Here are some safety tips about climbing frames.

  • Climbing frames should be sturdy so that they won’t fall down due to the weight of children.
  • They should have hand grips installed at regular intervals so that kids can climb up and down safely.
  • If they have any ropes, it must be fixed top and bottom to minimise movement and facilitate safe climbing.


Are you under the impression that roundabouts are suitable only to larger spaces? However, many small gardens have them too. Here are things you should look for in roundabouts for your kids’ safety.

  • There should not be any unexpected protrusions beneath the roundabout.
  • There should be plenty of hand grips set around which kids can hold on safely.
  • There should be enough room for kids to sit on comfortably and enjoy the ride.
  • The rotation of the equipment should be smooth and relatively noiseless.

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles are the favourite of children because of the fun of bouncing. Bouncy castles are often set up at the sites of city’s attractions or they can be hired for the private parties for kids’ entertainment. However, this seemingly innocent amusement tool can pose some potential dangers. Here are factors you should beware of.

  • The castle should be anchored properly to the ground using good mooring straps to prevent accidental blowing by a strong breeze of wind. Weather can change anytime; therefore even if the sky seems clear, every precaution should be taken to secure the castle.
  • Never set the castle on a hard surface like concrete.
  • The area around the castle should be clear.
  • Impact absorbing mats should be placed at the opening of the castle and around any open sides.
  • A responsible adult should supervise the use of a bouncy castle by children, whether it is at a venue or at some party.
  • Before using bouncy castle, children should take off shoes and other articles they are wearing that have sharp ends as they can damage the inflatable equipment.

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