CBD Cosmetic Brands to Check Out

If you don’t know where to start when shopping for CBD beauty products, here are a few brands you could start with.


Based in Chicago, IL, this is a newly launched brand that boasts with its intelligent approach and a new type of CDB oil that is supposed to contain all cannabinoids without any skin-irritating terpenes. They also have a policy of using mostly plant-derived ingredients, and synthetic ones only when it can’t be avoided. 

Products from their line they recommend are Everyday Glow Serum and Baku Anti-aging Serum.

Sweet & Kind Co

Also freshly launched in May of 2019, Sweet and Kind follows the ideals of clean beauty and transparency in ingredients. Next to CBD they also include peptides, vitamin A and coenzyme Q10 in their products for true powerhouse effect. 

Their bestseller is their High Luxe Ultimate Moisturizer No. 1 that is formulated for all skin types.

Moon Mother Hemp

Hailing from Boulder, Co, this company grows its own ingredients and owners have over 15 years of experience in the cannabis wellness industry. Their founder, Jessica Bates, is a certified medical herbalist and aims to achieve good quality by monitoring the process from planting to sale. 

Their bestseller is The Glow Skin Serum.


This is a New York City based brand that is expecting great things for the CBD cosmetics market overall. They make a point of printing QR codes on the packaging of their products, so the consumers can be fully informed about what they are getting.

Their most popular product is Tru Athlete Sports gel that has received some amazing customer feedback. 


With availability in over 80 retailers, this Malibu-based brand is a true success story. They state that they source their hemp in Europe because of the stricter regulations, allowing them access to a cleaner, pesticide-free ingredient. They believe in the healing properties of cannabinoids and educating people about them.

They name their Relief Cream and The Tincture as their bestsellers.


The Minneapolis based brand doesn’t believe in one size fits all approach and offers three distinct blends of CBD oils targeted at specific needs of consumers. They claim to isolate pure CBD and only the elements that each blend calls for. They source their hemp from organic growers in the Midwest and process it in a facility in North Dakota.

They mostly have body care products, with their Body Revival Oil being the bestseller, but they plan on expanding into skincare soon.