6 Playful Activities To Do With Water Activity Table

If you have small tyrants roving around your house, you should visit Step2 Direct website for a water activity table that will best suit their playing interests. The tables are equipped with toys and learning kits that would keep them busy and smart.

Water and toddlers – such a perfect combination, right? And when it comes to play set for kids, water activity table is highly sought-after, especially for active toddlers. But, how do you make the game more fun and engaging for little ones? Get some fun ideas here!

Play with your kids and help them learn different skills

This is where a water activity table comes highly beneficial as it enlightens and keeps children amused for some hours of educational and creative play. But if you really want them to enjoy every single game and keep their mind focused, why not think of the fun things you can do with a water table?

Super fun activities with water activity table

If your tots love water play, here are six fun things you should try to make their water activity table more engaging, exciting, and educational.

  1. Practice using water guns. Assemble empty bottles or cans and get water pistols. Instruct your kids to shoot them down. Don’t have water guns readily available? No worries! You can make use of a hose or spray bottles as an alternative.
  2. Set up a pouring station and let your active kiddos transfer and pour water. To make the activity more inviting, why not add color to the water together with different containers? IT can be very exciting when you see the happy smiles of your munchkin.
  3. Wash the toys. This is one of the easiest and popular activities for kids. Simply get some toys, add a little soap and get them washed. They have fun and learn a skill at the same time.
  4. Experiment with the varying shape of water. Allow them to find out what actually happens when they pour water into various shaped containers.
  5. Create a water wall. Why not make a water wall for your backyard? Sounds exciting for the little ones! Though it may take you some time setting it up, the end result will give a wide smile on your kid’s face. You can even ask them on how they want the wall built.
  6. Go fishing. You don’t have to bring your child to a pond just to teach him how to catch a fish. Why not do it in a water activity table and include some twist? You can add sea “animals” for him to catch.

Kids just love to play in the sandbox as well!

Have a successful water play!

Remember, these are just some of the fun things you must try with your newly purchased or current water activity table. There are still other interesting toys you can purchase to make the outdoor play experience for your kids more exciting and educational; such as best quality plastic playhouse only at Step2 Direct. 

You don’t need to shop for the materials you’re going to use. There are a lot of things around your house that will work, which includes plastic scoops, buckets, empty cans or water bottles, plastic building blocks, wine corks, clean stones or shells and slotted spoons, among others.

Final word

The little ones tend to learn much faster, as well as keep more information that is important when their senses are engaged and active. However, the water table, as it was mentioned, is not the only toy you can purchase for your kids! There are plenty of options out there, so do your research!