11 Things To Remember When Planning A Winter Wedding

Not many couples tie the knot during wintertime. But when carefully planned, having a winter wedding can actually be quite magical and whimsical. You can play on a lot of wintry themes — from the decoration to the food (courtesy of caters for weddings) — and at the same time, save a huge amount of money. Off-season wedding date means lower rates from suppliers.

Like any other event, the success of your dream winter wedding heavily relies on having a good plan. If you want to exchange your vows of love during this time of the year, here are 11 important things you have to remember.

Keep in mind important holiday dates. From Christmas day and Hanukkah to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, winter coincides with really big occasions. When choosing a wedding date, make sure it’s far from these ones.

Secure your wedding venue. Though winter season is generally an off-peak season, it doesn’t mean that you can be complacent with your plans. One of the very first things you need to secure is your venue.

Choose a season-appropriate theme. Winter weddings aren’t all about all-white stuff. You can be creative with your theme, but take note that once you’ve settled with one, all things (e.g. Decorations, dresses, cake) should follow suit.

Finalize your guest list and send out invites early on. If you want to ensure all the loved ones you want to witness your special moment are there, you have to send out invites as early as possible. Inform them about your venue and your theme, and make necessary arrangements accordingly.

Book your suppliers in advance. Caters for weddings, lights and sounds provider, entertainers — all these suppliers should be booked in the early phase of your planning. This will buy you time to make all possible adjustments. Plus, you can score their services at really low prices.

Make sure someone will do the snow removal. Winter can really be nasty at times, leaving out thick layers of snow and hindering you from doing things and moving around efficiently. Don’t let this ruin the vibe of your wedding, hire someone to do the snow removal before, during, and after your wedding.

Hire ushers that will help guide your attendees. As mentioned, it can be hard to move around during this season. Ushers can help guests walk around, especially in the slippery portions of the venue.

Dress up according to the season. Cool temperature requires warm clothes, so make sure you, your partner, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen are all dressed up accordingly. You can also “dress up” the venue by setting up candles that can help bring in a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Choose seasonally available foods. Caters for weddings should prepare meals and beverages that fit the season. Apart from being cheaper, they will help enhance the overall atmosphere of your winter wedding.

Prepare winter-themed wedding favors. Make your special day extra memorable for your guests by handing out wedding favors that mirror your theme.

Plan on how to document your winter wedding. Photographers often find it challenging to take snaps during wintertime. When hiring a documentation team, set expectations and relay to them the kind of images you want to have.

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