Ultimate Jewelry Guide To Any Occasion – Slay Everyday!

Nowadays, there are a lot of platforms and market to buy designer jewellery online and actual. Afterall, these jewelries are flexible to work with almost any outfit at any occasion. But knowing how to slay them with pieces of clothing is a different level of skill. Read through this article to slay everyday with our ultimate jewelry guide to any occasion.

Casual Occasions

Up your style game even on casual days! The right jewelry will make you feel beaming. When in doubt, it is alright to choose think jewelry pieces and stack them altogether for a more breezy, layered chic look.

Necklaces. Clothing pieces such as v-neck tees and high-neck sweaters work perfectly fine with a stack of good-looking metal necklaces. Opt to layer 2-3 chain and pendant necklaces comprising of various lengths and styles for an effortless-looking cool chic vibe.

Rings. Rings of those made from think gold, white gold, and rose gold rings will make you walking and looking like a chic when you feature a few of them on each hand.

Bracelets. A fine piece of metal bangles will help elevate your total look as they add structure to your outfit and help you appear more put together even when you are up for a tee and even when you hair is looking like a mess.

Earrings. To allow your outfit to get a dash of fine color, opt to wear gemstone stud earrings.

Professional Occasions

The days you get where you stay at the office, hustle for work and job interviews, and get grifting through the day. Opting to look more put together will allow you to have a sophisticated, more boss-chic type of look.

Necklaces. A gemstone pendant will look fine with a blouse and a blazer. Opt to choose the color that matches well with a number of clothing pieces in your cabinet so you will be able to wear these items more often.

Ring. A fine metal bank will work great as it comes in handy and add a little something to your total outfit without demanding other people for attention.

Bracelet. To look more professional in blouses and office dresses, it is important to have something in your wrist to make you look more put-together. A sleek metal bracelet will do its job for you – only make sure to avoid clinking and clanking while you type your responsibilities.

Earrings. Stud earrings are highly-versatile, hence, allowing you to get a good impression from your audience since it is giving a hint of subtle shine on your ears.

Party Occasions

Party occasions consist of cocktail parties, dinner parties, and any other day where you are free to overthrow. It is great to add chunky statement pieces and pizzazz to days where you wear cocktail dresses as these will sparse without the presence of some flashy objects to dance with them. However, make sure that you pick the best pieces of jewelry for the right clothing. It must also be able to pair up with various pieces you have in your wardrobe when you want to engage in a more fun leisure.

Formal Occasion

Formal occasions include weddings, coronations, galas, fundraisers, and etc. The jewelry pieces of these events must be very classy and timeless. These are the days where you need to look your best. Touch them with hints of diamond, long pendants with a solitaire diamond to achieve a timeless elegant look. Get the best jewelries at Best Designer Jewellery Australia!