The great traveler and musician: Bob Dylan/ Bobby Zimmerman

Bob Dylan calls himself of the Minnesota Midwestern, North Dakota. He says he belongs from some place called Iron Range. His real name is Bobby Zimmerman who was born in the port of Duluth and spend his teenage in the mining town of Hibbing. The people who love traveling can easily get connected with the lifestyle of Bob Dylan. If he would have loved homecomings, then he might not have become such a great traveler. For traveling so many places, one needs to have courage, confidence, and strength to spend life alone.

He is a traveler, musician, and storyteller. He never loved homes and that’s why he became a traveler. He dropped out of college and changed his name to Bob Dylan and never looked back. He restlessly wondered to various countries, cities here and there. He is an inspiration to the young people who don’t have a hope to live their lives because Dylan traveled the world without taking a penny from his home. He released his album, Blood on the Tracks which became famous among the people soon because of its title and awesome music is given by Dylan.

You might have heard various stories of the heroes who leave their homes and go on adventures and same is with Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan Home was somewhere in the Iron mines as he told. He wrote Chronicles: Volume One in which none of the chapters was devoted to his life in Minnesota but everything was about his traveling life. He has also won Nobel Prize in Literature for a first in the musician. He used to say that he born in a dark place but he decided to travel around the beautiful world. He can be a source of motivation for any person who is finding no single way to live his life in the best way.