Take extra care of your feets by wearing the quality loafers

In this fashionable era, fashion has reached to its top. Modern dressing styles have gone updated, including various styles of wearing shoes. For the safety of your feet, it is compulsory that you should own at least a pair of loafers. These loafers are the protective medium for your feet and keep your feets safe while running or walking. Loafers are being used since the old times and have now gone updated with many antique designs that are in trend these days. Especially, the teenagers are loving these loafers which you can wear during parties, casual purpose or while travelling. Many of the latest loafers for men are available in the market these days and you can also get these loafers online.

Choose the comfortable stylish loafers

There are variety of loafers available in the market that will make you confused that which to buy and which not to buy. You can wear these loafers in many ways and with different dresses. Loafers made by quality materials don’t create any kind of trouble while walking or running. You can cover a long distance by walking wearing these loafers. Listed below are some kinds of loafers that are available in the market:

  • Kiltie loafers: These antique loafers are given the olden school look which will make you remember about the Victorian era. It might be possible that you get confused about this loafer as somewhere they look similar to tassel. But these loafers have got the different fringed tongue which makes it different from tassel.
  • Penny loafers: In the earlier days, these loafers were used to be called Weejuns. Now with their name their looks have also been upgraded and are in great demand among the men’s these days. These loafers are designed in diamond shape and have got extra layer of leather on its top. These are named penny by the Americans.
  • Tassel loafers: These versatile loafers are one of the antique designed loafers and can be the best choice for the users going for any bachelor party or any club parties. These will give you an authentic look while wearing with chinos, jeans and shorts.
  • Driving shoes: These are the latest shoes that can add a charm to your personality and are available in different colors at affordable prices. These are crafted using the materials, supple leather or suede. They have got the flat bottom with the leather strap at its bottom serving as heels.
  • Pump loafers: These are one of the antique designs for which the designers are being praised by the users. They have got the shiny black color that drives the attention of the passerby towards you. They have been complimented with tuxedo. They have got low vamp which makes it important for the users to be careful while picking up the socks pair.

How to style your loafers everyday?

There are various loafers that are made using different quality materials and can be worn during different occasions. These loafers are available in different styles and can give you an eye catching look. Various loafers are especially designed for wedding functions wearing which enhances your personality.

You can wear these loafers with different dressing styles and always try going with the loafers which perfectly match or suit your dressing style.

Loafers are the fashion staple which adds up the touch of elegant casual style. Listed below are some ways on how to style the different loafer’s everyday:

  • Wearing penny loafers: If you have not tried wearing the loafers yet then you should try with penny loafers, you will surely enjoy the company of these loafers. Brown suede penny loafers will let you have the endless styling options and will easily fit with your various dressing styles. Picking these loafers with your favorite dress will surely give you the unimaginable results. You can style these penny loafers with different wearing options like:
  • Wear with jeans: These classy brown suede look is going to perfectly match with its best friend, which is jeans. This classy brown suede is going to give you the perfect look wearing with loafers and jeans. Wearing these loafers with bomber jacket along with the pair of black contrasted jeans will give you a modern and casual look.
  • Wear with shorts: Because these loafers can be quickly worn and can be taken off in a moment, so they are going to give an extraordinary look on wearing with loafers. The key to make it look good is choosing the right color of shorts that perfectly matches or suits the loafers. It depends on you whether you prefer the casual or formal look by wearing jumper or t-shirt. You can make the look more casual by going socks free.
  • Getting the loafer socks

If you are looking for more traditional look then carry a pair of socks with your loafers, but make sure you pick the right one which perfectly matches your look. If you are wearing the socks with loafers make sure their color matches with your trouser’s color giving you the cohesive look. Always prefer wearing the quality woolen socks that will be little expensive but will be more comfortable and give you the formal look.

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How to take care of your loafers?

Loafers are not your formal shoes which you can wear anywhere. These loafers are for the casual use and need proper maintenance and care for its longer life. They are the feet protectors that travel with you between the ground and your weight. Listed below are some points that state that how you can take good care of your loafers:

  • Don’t pile your shoes as it may lead to several dark spots on your shoes. Make a separate storage place for your loafers and avoid resting anything on top of your shoes.
  • Avoid stepping on dirt and make use of the loafers when in need like if going in any function or parties or office. Get the necessary cleaning accessories from your nearby shoes store and clean you loafers regularly.
  • Apply the waterproofing agent right after purchasing the loafers as it may get bad during rain or snow.