Spring or Fall Weddings – Which is better?

Many of us dream of the perfect summer wedding, envisioning glorious snapshots in the sun, but the transitional seasons are becoming more and more popular for couples tying the knot. With the array of stunning spring flowers and the unique seasonal menu options (pumpkin spiced latte fans eat your heart out). Spring and fall weddings are the fantasy wedding many will want. If you’re considering a wedding in the spring or in the fall, but can’t quite decide which one will be the best, this article outlines the challenges that can come along in these seasons so you can be fully prepared.


After the haul of summer weddings, many wedding vendors will have offers available which can help you save a little whilst still getting the most beautiful wedding possible. This also stands for getting your wedding rings; if you’re looking for the perfect ring at a reasonable price, consider Tacori Wedding Rings.

You can also make the most of all the various Fall foliage available, and have a stunning natural background of reds, oranges and yellows at almost any venue with trees. Pair this with your corsages and you’ll have an incredible colour scheme!

Everyone loves a seasonal menu, and Fall is where some of the best seasonal dishes come out. You’ll be able to pick from a huge array and surprise your guests with tasty treats such as apple cider, pies, cinnamon buns and pumpkin bread; the smell alone will have your guests begging for the day to never end.


Something that is often forgotten about with spring weddings is that although it’s started to warm up after the winter, spring is often still a bit cold until around late May depending on your location. If you’re looking at a March or April wedding, it’s worth thinking about some stylish wraps for the bridesmaids to keep everyone warm whilst looking the part.

The highlight of many spring weddings is that all of the flowers are in bloom, so you can take some stunning photos. However, you want to try and avoid those April showers; if the ground is soggy, you want to be careful not to get mud on your dress. It’s easy enough to work around this if you’re able to find a venue with a stunning paved area so you can make the most of the stunning flowers without getting wet feet.

One of the most common Spring problems many of us face is allergies. If you or anyone in the family or bridal party suffer from allergies, you want to consider the problems a Spring wedding could cause. You want your guests crying tears of joy at your wedding, not hay fever sniffles!

Overall, only you will know what’s the best time of year for your wedding. Whatever your preference, you can find the perfect season and plan the perfect wedding that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.