How to Wear Harem Pants?

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable due to wearing skinny, tight, and fitted pair of jeans or pants? Are you constantly feeling “trapped” and like your skin can`t even breathe? As summer is approaching and you are constantly trying to find a simple solution to your everyday problem, I present to you the new fashion-forward summer trend, the harem pants. Women all over the world have already accepted this trend that resembles the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. No need anymore to compromise on your style to feel pleasant and comfortable, and vice versa. Now you can have it all.Coming all the way from Canada a brand is promoting the importance of comfort and staying fashionable while at the same time showing your true personality as a way of a constant lifestyle rather than everyday struggle when it comes to choosing your clothes. They are having a collection of unique, outstanding harem pants for every single women out there ready to proudly show their true outgoing and fun personality.

How to incorporate harem pants into your everyday style?

Harem pants with their loose fit are suiting for every body type and with all of the patterns and colors they come in, they are suiting for every personality. In the past, they were mostly connected to a hippie movement but nowadays women all over the globe are obsessed with the vibrant yet stylish colors and the feeling of freedom they provide you with.

There are more than one ways to incorporate them into your everyday looks. No matter if you choose a multi-colored one or a one-colored they can be easily combined with a top or a casual t-shirt. If you have this bold and fun character and you want to experiment with your wardrobe, you should definitely try out floral printed harem pants or ones with multicolored stripes or even go with a more specific and Chinese-traditional print like some dragons. You will most certainly stand out from the crowd and show what a unique personality you own. Since you will draw the attention to your bottom, you should keep it simple when choosing a top and go with neutrals. You can go with a simple t-shirt in no more than one color similar to the harem pants pattern. Depends on the occasion, for the footwear, you can go with a simple white sneaker for a walk in the park or maybe choose some Roman style leather sandals for a more sophisticated look. Accessorize your overall look with a practical bucket bag and to add some fun you can add a simple sun hat.

How to incorporate harem pants for work-days?

The best thing about harem pants is that they are so versatile that they can fit in with any dress code. So with a dose of carefulness, you can easily transfer the “freedom feeling” from your everyday combinations into your office. Neutral colored harem pants maybe in black white or beige will give you comfort all day long while at the same time you will stay stylish and fashionable. You can combine them with tuck-in shirts with some patterns or prints and to add some elegance you can throw in a blazer over your shoulders. When it comes to the footwear you must stay within a certain dress code and wear a pair of stiletto shoes that will put an accent on your height. Accessorize your chick work outfit with a classic tote bag and some minimalistic bracelets and rings.