Factors You Need To Consider In Search Of New and Used Saltwater Fishing Reels Online

In the choice of new and used saltwater fishing reels, there are important factors which must be considered and they include the following –

  • Type of fish which you want to catch,
  • Location where you want to fish, and
  • The angler preference.

With this in mind, there are various reel actions. Also, some of the reels have features which make them more suited to the catching of certain species of fish or to fishing in some saltwater locations. For example, bait casting reels are mostly used in the casting of heavy lines and lures. The spinning reels on the other hand are used for landing the fish of small to medium size but are not suited for fishing in deep waters.

The purchase of the right saltwater fishing reel is highly dependent on the budget, fishing line weight and rod type you want to use. The purchase of second hand, quality fly fishing reels is a good option for the beginners and also those operating on budget. When buying used reels, you need to be cautious and ensure that you get only that which gives smooth action and does not show any corrosion signs. The beginners will feel more comfortable when they use spin casting reel or spinning reel. Those who want offshore fishing should on the other hand use the bait casting model.

Bait casting reels:

These reels are very useful in saltwater fishing. It is the reel of choice for the experienced anglers who fish in deep waters. It also a good choice for those who use heavy lures and lines and hope to land large specimens including game fish. Reels of those type are ideal for long period large game fishing and can be successfully laded without damage to the line or reel mechanism.

These types of reels are designed to be mounted on rod’s top side and have handle on their right hand side. These reels ordinarily have drag system which lets the users determine the quantity and rate at which additional line is pulled off spool. This system work by use of weight of lure and line and by pulling off the right length when you need to cast. In view of this, you should get heavy line that has heavy and large lure to get more powerful and longer cast.


Spinning reels:

This is mostly mounted on the saltwater rod’s underside and has handle on its left side. There is stationary spinning reel in the spool. Although the line easily uncoils from spool and can be easily released from reel, the spool never moves, and thus the line cannot tangle or snag. These reels are not suitable for extra-large or large fishing for the simple reason that they are not very robust. They are however good for catching the small and medium fishing.

Spin casting reels:

These are a popular choice among the beginner saltwater anglers. They are easy to use and are reliable. They have reduced line capacity and this makes them not suitable for deep water fishing.