Choosing the Smartest Wedding Venue Solutions

Planning a wedding in Marbella, Spain is incomplete without considering the location. It’s one of the first things on your mind when you begin arranging your special day. Taken together, it’s going to be the most expensive aspect of the wedding, with its cocktail hour, meal, and after-party all adding up. Due to the high demand for these locations, making a reservation for the first time should be your first priority. As a result, we will assist you through your journey so that it does not turn into an odyssey. At Marbella Wedding you can have the best deals.


Even while many couples choose for a site that is near to their home, others prefer to go across the country or around the world in search of the perfect setting. In any case, your visitors must be able to get to your event without any issues due to the geographic location. To achieve this, make it easier for people to get there by providing transportation for large groups that takes into consideration all available modes of transportation.

Try to keep the ceremony and party location as close as possible. Indeed, if you’re having a religious wedding, you might want to seek for a location with a chapel or one that accepts civil marriages. If you’d rather keep things separate, provide your visitors with easy-to-follow directions and mobility options.

In terms of proximity to hotels, there will always be people who need a place to stay. This is especially true for visitors who are travelling from other countries or who simply want to have a good time. To accomplish this, get in touch with the surrounding hotels and see if you can work out a deal. It’s possible that your wedding hotel will be an excellent choice.


The total surface area: What are your impressions of the location? What is the distance in meters? How many rooms are there in total? Do you have a yard or a garden of your own? Find out what you actually desire by asking yourself all these questions. If you’re not looking for a lot of frills, don’t pay too much, but if you want to get the most out of your money, do your research. As a result, knowing what you can arrange mathematically requires an understanding of space.

The different rooms can assist you identify distinct wedding events, such as the aperitif, the meal, and the grand dance. Depending on your needs, it may just be useful for one of these areas, or you may choose to be more creative. It’s all up to you. Garden weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially if they take place in the spring or summer. Take a peek at the area’s open areas at any time of year to see whether you’d want to make use of them. With Finca Casa Blu you can have all the supports now.

Accessibility: in light of the large number of people attending a wedding, find out how to get to the various rooms in the venue of your choice. The elderly, guests with limited mobility, youngsters, and parents using strollers may find it difficult to get to some locations. To avoid getting lost or confused, it’s imperative that everyone get clear directions before they begin their journey.