Camouflage Print Pants: Perfect for Making an Alternative Fashion Statement

Are you a person who dresses in formal wear most of the time? Do you want to shed off the formal image and look very casual during the weekends? I am a party animal and love partying during weekends. The plant is the most comfortable bottom wear that I use regularly for casual gatherings and parties.   

Camouflage Print Clothing: Essential Part of Women’s Wardrobe

I am a fashion freak and I love to make style statements whenever possible. The camouflage print pants are the easiest to wear pants. They easily slip on and hold on to your waist. It makes me look casual easily. But, it can make a fashion statement on its own. These pants are in vogue today and will be for many years to come.

If you thought that these types of clothing were just for the die-hard hunters and the military people, then you need to think again. The rugged camouflage look helps in making the best style statement. Whenever I wear camouflage pants, shirts, or skirts, I feel a special energy in me. I feel like I have the power and strength of a warrior.

The huge popularity of this style of clothing has led to a rise in many physical and online clothes stores exclusively dealing with camo stuff.  

How to Choose Camouflage Print Pants? 

The following are some of the tips that I follow when choosing camo clothes.

  • The first thing that I look into when buying camouflage print pants, shirts, or skirts is the material used in making them. If you are going for the printed leggings, opt for ones that are made of a mixture of polyester, elastin, and viscose.  
  • If you have plans to wear it for long and do rigorous activities, then buy ones made with a mix of cotton and polyester. I love wearing cotton and polyester blended pants as it makes me feel cozy. 
  • Once you have chosen the correct material, it is time to look at the design patterns. These days, these camouflage pants come with all kinds of designs. My preference is the floral pattern. It helps in flaunting my feminine looks. 
  • I also look at buying odor-proof camo pants for outdoor activities like hunting. The manufacturers use special materials to make these pants. They can lock down the body odor so that the wild animals cannot get your smell from a distance.   

Wide Types of Camouflage Pants 

I am very happy to see the wide choices of camo pants available for the women in the stores. I prefer and love to wear the camouflage print leggings that come with belt loops, pockets, and front closure. I feel sexy and attractive wearing it. I just need to pair them with any T-shirt or tops and my casual look is complete.

The other types of military pants include cargo joggers, paper bag pants, cargo jeggings, etc. My advice to womenfolk is to buy ones that look good and help you stay in vogue. They will not be a perfect option for any functional use. Men who are looking for longer leg pants should visit