A Wedding Planner in London’s Suggestion

A Wedding Planner in London’s Suggestion

10 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress

  1. Keep an open mind and always try the dress on!

It’s helpful to have a few styles you are interested in for your big day,

but always keep an open mind when dress shopping. Dresses on a hanger look

very different compared to a dress worn by the bride, and you may end up

falling in love with a completely different dress style than you would have


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  1. White is not always right.

Fun fact: white wedding dresses are actually bleached to have their

snow-white look. Natural white fabric is actually a slight off-white

colour, so you’ll find that there are varying shades of white available to

you when you shop for your dress. Wedding gowns can come in off-white,

ivory, champagne, oyster, and even blush (a very subtle pink colour)!

  1. Budget

As an event planner I strongly suggest you to set a budget and let the bridal consultant know your price range and

preferred style. They can help make your dress search easier by suggesting

dresses that fit your criteria.

  1. Always leave extra time for alterations.

On average, it can take anywhere some months for wedding dresses to

arrive after your put in an order. Almost all brides require some form of

alteration (common alterations involve the dress length and bust area), so

make sure to include plenty of time for alterations. Most bridal stores

will ask for two fittings – one for the initial fitting and a second closer

to the wedding date.

  1. Select a few friends and/or family whose opinions you trust.

Wedding dress shopping can be fun and exciting, and it’s natural to want to

bring all of your friends and family. Keep in mind, however, that second

opinions are different from four, five, or six different opinions! Too much

feedback can be overwhelming, and sometimes, you may start leaning towards

a particular dress because other people favour it, instead of deciding

whether you like it.

  1. Be mindful of the wedding location and weather

Be mindful of your wedding location and the potential weather outcomes. The

most important part of finding your ideal wedding dress is not only that

you feel beautiful in it but that you feel comfortable in it. If you’re

hosting a destination wedding, for example, consider whether you’re willing

to wear a voluminous dress in the heat versus wearing a lighter dress.

  1. Wear the right undergarments

It’s important to figure out the right undergarments when trying on

dresses. Some wedding dresses may come with built-in bust support, but

others may require special undergarment pieces to help you feel comfortable

on the day of your wedding.

  1. Wedding dress sizes

Most brides are alarmed when they see wedding dress sizes on the tags –

don’t be. Wedding gown sizes are larger than regular clothes not only

because they are an entirely different type of garment, but they fit

differently as well. Depending on the style or designer you could be going

up anywhere between 2-4 sizes from your usual size.

  1. Veils

Make sure you have a good idea of how you want your hair done on the day of

the wedding. This will help determine whether you want to wear a veil or

stick to a simpler head piece. Always consider the style, shade, and length

of the veil. You want it to compliment your wedding dress, so think about

whether you want a cathedral veil vs. a short veil, double layer vs. single

layer, beading vs. lace, and so forth.

  1. Shoes

You’ll be asked to bring your shoes to your first fitting so that your

dress length can be properly tailored. If you’re particular about your

wedding shoes, we suggest you start looking early!