A Guide to Spot the Real Off-White Air Max 90 White

The Off-White Air Max 90 White represents a shoe with a modern twist on one of the most iconic shapes of all time. Its bright orange and green details make it one of the most iconic pairs to own. 

It should not be surprising that with such a demand, counterfeits also abound in the market. But replication factories can never master the essential details. So it helps to follow a guide and secure your pair safely today. 

Find some points listed below that highlight a few primary details in choosing an authentic Off-White Air Max 90 in an instant. 

1 – An overlapping Swoosh

It would be wise to take a closer look at placing the Nike swoosh to check for flaws made by counterfeit manufacturers.

First, the bright flap on the Nike swoosh should always have sharp, straight corners and should never be rounded.

The next thing to do is to note the zigzag stitch around the Nike swoosh. Yet, the stitching can be inconsistent in some authentic pairings.

2 – Overall size

Begin your Air Max Off-White 90 certification check by looking at the overall size of the shoe. Most fakes do not have one, and a toe box is straight and vertical. Here, the toe box should have a smooth curve. Besides, the middle console of the authentic should be more curved.

 3- Overall Look

The original Nike Air Max Off-White 90 has no problem with its leather panels overlapping with the Nike swoosh. But, if you look closely, the Nike swoosh in the original pair overlaps in two places—the tail and its tip. Thus, the fake will have only one overlapping point if you want to differentiate between a real and a fake pair. This defect occurs because the fake swoosh is smaller in the spurious pair.

4 – The Nike Tongue Tag

It would help if you focused on the Nike logo font. In a fake Nike Air Max Off-White 90, you will find longer letters. It is because the letters have smaller gaps.

But, the authentic Nike logo has letters placed slightly apart. Also, the orange swoosh on the counterfeit tongue tag will be longer and an incorrectly sized tip.

5 – The medial text

The medial text of the fake pair is in a lighter hue and appears washed out from the authentic. And due to poor print quality, this defect makes the pair less distinct. Plus, the fake fonts may be too small. 

Bottom Line 

It is better to be safe. So buy a genuine pair of your favorite shoes from Hype Your Beast. Go shop now at respected shoe stores to guarantee the real, authentic, and right footwear for you.